The definition of building design refers to the technical, engineering and, of course, architectural applications of the design of buildings.
All building projects must benefit from the services of a building designer which usually is a structural engineer or a licensed architect. In this article, however, we are going to talk about “Building Design” (or BD) which is a weekly digital title and architectural magazine in the United Kingdom.

Building Design was launched by publisher Morgan Grampian in 1970 as a weekly closed circulation magazine while the high-tech architecture was just beginning to take off. In March 2014, it remained a digital-only publication, stopping its printed editions. BD’s editors, unlike the majority of other architectural publications, are not architects but journalists.
Ten years ago, in 2006, (the last year of the independent ABC circulation reports) the magazine reached a circulation of more than 23.000 issues, of which 21.500 circulated to industry and professional related subscriptions for free.

Building Design, by the year 2013, had a reported circulation of 7.698 issues. The website, however,, has registered over 89.000 users, receiving around 45.000 unique visitors every week who generate more than 750.000-page impressions every month. These circulation figures are assured by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In September 2010, the magazine ceased free access to blogs, news, and video content on the website after introducing, for full access, a paid subscription. The company that publishes BD magazine is a division of United Business Media called UBM Built Environment. They are also publishing “Building and Property Week”.

The Architect of the Year Awards is hosted by BD, as well as Young Architect of the Year. These prizes are held in central London and are attended by more than 6000 guests every year.
The United Kingdom’s top architectural practices behind excellent built projects are rewarded by The Architect of the Year Awards. The awards have grown in stature and size, since their launch in 2004, displaying entries and attendances from some leading practices and becoming firmly established as a main event in the architectural agendas as well as becoming the largest gatherings of architects in the United Kingdom.

The Young Architect of the Year Award concerns with the rewarding of Europe’s newest and most promising architects and practices. Previous winners have included names like Nord and Lynch Architects, Hackett Hall McKnight, Serie Architects, David Koln Architects and, last but not least, Coffey Architects.

World Architecture 100 is the world’s most important architecture practices, an annual ranking being published by Building Design. The listing is shared with the top FTSE 100 (Financial Top Stock Exchange) companies as well as with all BD subscribers. It is also available to be purchased online.

BD magazine also has a prize for the worst new architecture in the UK, and it’s called The Carbuncle Cup. It was launched in 2006 as a comical counterpart to the Stirling Prize, and it has been running ever since. The “winner” is chosen by a small group of architecture professionals and critics. Every summer a shortlist in announced that is based on nominations from the public.