chief architect

Chief Architect Software created a CAD, or computer aided design program, for the industry of home building.

Chief Architecture Software planner is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA. The program is a 3-dimensional architectural design product for the DIY home design markets and for the professional home design industry. Chief Architect represents the reference product of BIM (Building Information Modeling) as it’s used for residential construction.

The second version of Chief Architect was released in 1992 and it also was a 3-dimensional graphics computer program product that ran on a previous version of Windows. What Chief Architecture Software does is to enable the amateur computer user to benefit from a technology which allows a quick and easy visualization of designs in both 2D and 3D rendering environments. This program has helped builders, homeowners, and contractors who didn’t possess the skills to run a complex CAD software, by putting a 3D home design tool in their hands.

Founded in 1981 in Palo Alto, California, Chief Architect Software is a privately held association. At first, the company was named Advanced Relational Technology, Incorporated, and created a relational collection of data. Jack Simpson, a physics Ph.D. from the University of Stanford, and the company’s founder was born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and moved the company to Coeur d’Alene by the end of the 90’s. It was then when he changed the business to home design software (from database software). In 2003, the name of the company became Chief Architect, Inc.

Chief Architect program was first one made for home design because of Jack Simpson’s dissatisfaction in sketching by hand. He created Chief Architect, a tool to design homes. Its first form of the professional 3-dimensional computer aided home design product was officially sold as the 2.0 version. Over the years, new versions were released with essential automated constructed characteristics in order to help the improvement of the residential design process.

In 1993, the company started to collaborate with Broderbund, to which it licensed a simplified version of the software in the retail and DIY markets. The relationship with Broderbund ended in 2002 after the release of 3D Home Architect 4.0. In 2003, the company began to work with Meredith Corporation. Chief Architect signed an agreement with them in order to license the name Better Homes and Gardens. The company adopted, as a replacement for 3D Home Architect, Garden Home Designer, and Better Homes. Finally, Chief Architect Home Designer replaced, in 2009, those two names. The first mobile application created by the company was released in 2013 and it is called “Room Planner”. The next applications released after Room Planner have supplemented the software with additional functionalities and characteristics like the capability to import into selected Chief Architects products Room Planner files.

Its first Mac OS program was released by the company in February 2014. It is a Mac Operating System suitable version for the qualified design market. The program is constructed in such way that gives users the ability to run a single software on both Windows or Mac P.Cs, the files being compatible if moved from one operating system to the other.