You will learn many valuable life lessons during college years, but for sure, the first one will be about the dorm room decoration because the dorm rooms are small. In your first year, after sharing this small space with other three persons, you will very quickly learn about the value that every square inch of space has. You will also discover that the key to a successful room decoration is to necessarily have certain items. Here they are:

The mini-fridge. Especially when those late night cravings come, you are going to be able to satisfy them just by snacking out of the mini-fridge. Another advantage of owning a mini-fridge is that it saves you the trouble of risking maybe a leftover lunch in the common room fridge.

Now that you have the mini-fridge you can drink a refreshing glass of water with the help of the filtered water pitcher without it tasting of rusty metal like the dorm’s tap water usually does.
Another very important factor in the process of dorm room decoration is bringing a bunch of gangers. If the dorm room has a closet, you will need something hang your clothes on. Usually, dorms do not provide these items, which means that you must bring your own.

You are also going to need a lockbox unless you have the most honest and trustiest roommate. Money and other valuables are kept, in this way, very safe. A lockbox is cheaper than an actual safe but it’s as useful.

The laundry basket can also play the role of a clothes hamper, so it will save you the work of carrying a lot of dirty clothes in your arms and dropping them everywhere on the road to the basement laundry room. It can also be a space saver. You will need to ready a supply of quarters and, of course, detergent.

You may not want to walk barefoot in the dorm’s bathroom and showers so bring a pair of flip-flops or shower slippers.

Don’t forget about dishes and utensils because the ones at the canteens can’t really be trusted. Of course, you can’t switch the food from their plates to yours but you can, at least, eat with your own spoon and fork. You will probably want a couple of utensils and dishes hanging around in case you have guests. Having some storage around (because the laundry basket can only hold so much stuff) could really come in handy if you’re looking to keep the dorm room mess-free and spacious.

The laptop is the most important item that you’ll need at college. The computer laboratories have a limited program when it comes to accessing them and they are usually filled with students working on their next morning projects. Having your own laptop to work on is a huge advantage from this point of view plus you can play games and watch movies whenever you want to and have the time.