Hong Kong office

Hong Kong Warehouse – Creative Office Space

Inspired by 9GAG’s web and app program, LAAB designed a minimalist black and interior that is white contrary to the raw industrial shell that was preserved as artifact and curiosity for the past. Transparency, sharing and the sense of community were the keywords for the look strategy.
The team at LAAB Architects took on the challenge of transforming a warehouse in an industrial high-rise in Hong Kong into imaginative office space for the employees of 9GAG, an online platform for humorous content that is user-generated.

The floor, covering more than 5,000 square feet (464.5 square meters), had been divided into three office that is unconventional: 9PARK, 9DESKS and 9SHEDS. The very first is a large room that is open for meetings, lounging, camping and dog walking. Floor pillows are spread throughout the location; along with a ping-pong table, they enhance the feel that is laid-back.

As the name suggests, 9DESKS features island that is large and adjustable sit-stand channels, which provide different project needs. The area that is third 9SHEDS, consists of a few enclosed meeting rooms along the edge of the desk area. Innovative spaces for innovative people.