DIY room décor ideas

These days everyone is looking for some creative room décor ideas in order to make their home look beautiful.

In this article, we are going to share with you a list of DIY room décor ideas regarding the bedrooms, and that have a little of everything: wall art, curtains, accessories, and more. Your bedroom, with a couple of these easy DIY projects, will very fast go from boring and dull to colorful and fun.

These room décor ideas regarding the bedrooms are easy to make and can be customized in such way that they will fit your personality and your taste. Get inspired by the following tips and concepts and start to make your bedroom ideas a reality:

Washi tape is a very underestimated element because it’s no longer what people thought it was (too decorative and a little childish for a serious decorating project). But this belief has begun to change in many people’s minds. Decorating with purple and black washi tape it’s a simple, beautiful, and less expensive thing to do in your bedroom. This is one of those home projects that you wish you thought of much sooner. Plus, it’s creative, clever, and very easy to do.

One of the coolest room décor ideas ever is a do-it-yourself hammock chair. Both adults and kids are going to love this DIY seating because it goes perfectly in a reading nook or in the corner of a teen or twin bedroom. Make sure you have enough canvas for the chair and, when it comes to color combos, get creative! It actually is much easier than you might think.

Now, back to the washi tape. Maybe you don’t want to decorate the entire room with washi tape, which is understandable, but at least, the light switch and the door certainly are some good ideas. Matching them up with complimentary tapes and patterns makes it good to go. Now you have a unique room décor and, the best news is, you can change it when you get bored of it or no longer find it as interesting as when you put it up. You can also make frames with washi tape. It only takes a couple of minutes to make some borders on your prints and photos.

Another thing you can do in order to beautifully decorate your bedroom is to find interesting ways to display some of your photos so you can enjoy them and show them off. However, avoid making a big gallery wall. Instead, print your filtered Instagram photos and get an ultra-cool effect. This is a very simple and creative idea for photos and it really works.

The creator of “Oh Happy Day”, Jordan Ferney, has some of the most creative and refreshing ideas and, the majority of them are not terribly expensive either. An example would be dressing up Christmas lights in colored cupcake wrappers. Simple do-it-yourself idea for your room.