Paint, colorful accents, and/or a little wallpaper can all be great decorating ideas that would make a very big difference in your house.

The designer Beth Webb owns in her Atlanta house, more specifically in the living room, an elm plank table bought from “Clubcu”, that most of the time play the role of a dining table. It presents a fabulous collection of Chinese porcelains that don’t really match each other but work together very well. In the kitchen, you can find a linen curtain that runs on a track and spreads along the room. This is not only one of the great decorating ideas but she uses it in order to conceal the mess of preparation. The casements made of glass and steel frame the view of the garden and the pool.

Ken Fulk, also a designer, went all the way with the nautical theme in the bedroom of his Massachusetts vacation house, which is why he calls it the sailor room. The faded batik prints and the match-and-mix nature of the patterns make the room feel like it would be a collection of ancient textiles that are brought back from a journey at sea.

The designer Zim Loy had, for his Kansas City house, some interesting decorating ideas regarding the dining room, which actually is a former loggia. She describes it as being bright, light and airy, and says that she made it this way by using a lot of white paint. With $60, she bought from an estate sale a very old table and offered it a brand new look just by giving the base a high-gloss white paint. The curves of the table resemble the arms of Barbara Cosgrove chandelier. She also discovered on eBay Hackerware sets, a lot of it and very cheap, and began collecting it for the dining room. Besides that, Zim uses it to cover the wall, which leaves the impression of one big piece of art.

Designer Alex Hitz has a huge portrait of the late Nan Kempner (a close friend of his) and admits that it is a little ridiculous, but also fun. Besides, if placed in a spot where you don’t normally see paintings hanging, it adds an interesting texture to the wall.

If you want to create a more casual atmosphere in the dining room, swap out the formal chairs for some rustic metal ones.
In case you wish to change up a room’s vibe, just replace one old, traditional piece of furniture with something super modern like, for example, an acrylic coffee table. And, due to its transparency, it will also open up the seating area.

Sometimes the back of the shelves are tucked into the walls but designer Key Douglas says that this doesn’t necessary mean they can’t still make a drastic difference if painted a bold orange. This will also add personality to the room.
If you want your room to become an electric one with a lot of character, all you have to do is hit the table with red and white patterned tablecloth.