This particular home plan presents 2400 square feet (223 square meters in the metric system) of space to live that includes two children’s bedrooms, two master bedrooms and three complete bathrooms. A second master bedroom is also in the designing blueprints but is part of the exclusive mother-in-law apartment in the back of the house.


Home plan with in-law suite

The house’s exterior is designed in the Southwestern Style owning a combination of brick and stucco siding. Three sets of French doors can be spotted across the front porch, each one being topped with an arched window set. Getting inside the house via the central entry, the client is welcomed by a vast, spacious living room. There is a diagonal view line from the dining room to the fireplace.
If isolating the kitchen from the living room is among the client’s preferences, than this is the perfect home plan. The kitchen is partly open to the dining room and to the breakfast room, sunlight flowing in from the French doors and from the neighboring room.
With some appropriate modifications among the rooms the best traffic movement is obtained meaning that, for an example, even the entryway at the corner to the utility room helps to avoid impacts when the laundry baskets are transported back and forth to the bedrooms. A lot of space is being saved this way, instead of building some large and useless hallways.
The home plan continues with the master suite, where a vaulted ceiling that extends into a semi-open bathroom is designed. Even if a main door to the bathroom does not exist, the double sinks and the tub cannot be spotted from the main room, and, for intimacy purposes, the water closet is hidden away in the corner.
The opposite end of the house is occupied by the two children’s bedroom, which shares a big bathroom. In the outside there is a courtyard where meals, barbeques and family reunions with plenty o space for kids to play can be held.
The top characteristic of the house is the in-law suite due to its multiple purposes servings. For an example, a visiting relative would feel just like at home because they would have enough room just for themselves, but they would also be in closeness to the family. The in-law suite is separated from the house by a 3 car garage, thus allowing the family members to possess their very own parking space and a private pass through to the house. You can also use the covered porch when trying to get to the laundry room of the main house.
If you aim to pleasure, you could be thinking to build a house with a guest suite. This idea offers your guests, instead of just an unused bedroom, the feeling of home away from home. No matter how long your guest are going to stay, they would feel as comfortable as if they were at home.
For some increased earnings, the mother-in-law suite could even be rented. The client would be practically separated from the main house because there is a side entry door, bathroom, kitchen and living room.