A modern house plan offers simple proportions, abundant light, open layouts, and clean a line.

It is also a descendant of the International style of architecture that formed in the 1920s. The characteristics of a modern house plan include the unornamented walls, strong connections to outdoor space, shallow or flat-pitched roofs and, last but not least, large expanses of glass. The lot is usually included in the modern style home, turning into an alfresco living room the outdoor spaces.

A house plan would work very well, on any site that has a view to be captured, as a peaceful primary residence or even as a getaway second home. The plan is a huge mix of luxury, efficiency, and flexibility. In order to beautify the home, you could also incorporate some of the most popular green features, like a proper passive solar design, an open floor plan, and a roof deck. The siding is made of a combination of a two types material. While the fiber cement panel siding goes very well with the modern designs, the groove and tongue cedar board siding grants a cozy rural aspect and a beautiful contrast with the fiber cement panel siding. Shading and weather protection is being provided by the extended overhangs located at the highest point of the roof. The best direction that a house should face is the southerly one because you want to take advantage of the passive solar benefits.

After entering the living room, you will find the most captivating interior feature of the house design because the living room is a spacious place that is filled with natural sunlight due to the big amount of glazing found on the black wall. A connection between indoor and outdoor space is provided by the large folding doors that open up to the outdoor deck. The first-floor plan was thought in such way as to enlarge the openness of the design while still leaving space for unique design features and functional built-ins.

One of the most talked about features in the today’s housing is represented by the kitchen-dining room combination because this integrated open area provides an easy flow between eating and food preparation. The roof deck and the second-floor plans are fulfilling the role of creating a real indoor-outdoor living environment.

In order for the inhabitants to live comfortably inside a perfectly-designed living environment, a modern cabin style house can be constructed. This house’s personality is showed by the interior-exterior connection areas. A higher ceiling with an open floor plan grants continuing sunlight to enter the house. A big kitchen is opened to the great room and dining area. The main fireplace (great focal point) is placed in the center of the living room. It also plays the role of a sculptural object that provides warm interior feelings.

The master bedroom, in order to allow for privacy and comfort, is located differently from the rest of the bedrooms. Among the features it provides, we can find a walk-in closet, a private master porch for outdoor activities and, of course, a master bathroom.