modern cafe in prague

The interior design reflects the rounded part of this building

The interior design reflects the rounded part of this building, especially in the countertop that is central which connects the bar at one end with the bakery product sales counter on the other. Tables, chairs and benches were put along the windows as well as on the wall that is other.

The architects reconstructed the facade and added sash windows to open the space to the street. Unevenly hung Flos AIM lights, colorful chairs and patterned London Art wallpaper on the ceiling and walls create a ambiance that is welcoming.

Wooden showcase that is shelving freshly baked goods. The kitchen and utility spaces are separated from the area that is main walls painted black, with window niches and doors camouflaged by black blinds.

Situated on the ground floor of a building that is historical Prague, the Czech Republic, the playful yet minimalist interiors of this cafe, bistro and bakery by Jarousek Rochova Architects (JRA) are an available invitation to socializing.