Modern house in Taiwan

The private exterior of the house is sufficiently dominant. The architects opted for a modest interior.

They used wooden floors and marble-beige for the wall areas. “A’tolan” is carefully and meticulously created for a beautiful harmony with all the surrounding nature.

Subtly concealed in the landscape, the house “A’tolan” enjoys the nature that is relaxing an endless view of the ocean in Taiwan. Many thanks to it’s location, natural materials and openness towards the line of sight, this dream-home that appears to be one with nature it’s an escape from the crowds and urban problems.

The house has a zen atmosphere, mostly due to the materials which are natural. This is a taiwanese construction with local stone. This is one way to re-use materials being natural. Rocks, stacked on one another as normal sculptures are the primary pillars associated with the house.

The architectural residence of gently rises on several amounts and runs along the contours of this shore.