If you were to make a choice and select one room in your house to put your heart and soul into, when it comes to decorating, it would be, for sure, the living room.

Living room design is that treasured and most of the times very complicated process that establishes the tone for the entire style of decorating.

If you want to balance the fiery red, just add some drops of white. Adding pops of white on the coffee table, on top of the fireplace, and on the chair rail will keep the screaming color in check. The secret to a successful mixing of patterns is to choose a color theme, like browns, reds, or blues, and use them to anchor the space. A red chair, the brown sofa, and a green footstool are perfect examples of doing that.

When it comes to living room design, even a dining set can be packed into the room especially if, in order to weigh the space down, you keep the furnishings. An open wave coffee table, Lucite dining chairs, and a clear wall of windows can keep the living room design from feeling and being cramped. If you want to go with an all white space, you can totally do so and, in order to prevent it from feeling like a hospital room, you can introduce different textures. A nubby rug, a rough-cut linen sofa, and some crocheted throws, all add diversity to a monochromatic look.

You should create in your living room a quiet moment for when itโ€™s reading time. In order to do so, drag a comfortable chair next to a window or next to the bookshelf and make sure to provide proper light for the eventual late-night reading session.

An XL size coffee table is, without a doubt, the traditional game table, especially if you add a feminine shape to it. When you have your friends and/or family over for a game night, the edge of the tables will keep the drinks and the board pieces or dices from falling on the floor.

Another interesting tip is to update your living room with some new accessories and items each season, just like you do with your wardrobe.
If you want to add to your living room a sophisticated air, cool metal touches are the way to do that. The legs of the coffee table, the mirror, and even the fireplace metal support. All can be covered in silver. If your living room is also the front entry, you could be lining one wall with a welcoming poster.

Keeping the bulk patterns in check by limiting them to well-defined spaces is, actually, a brilliant idea. This way, you can prevent the strong patterns from taking over the room. In order to create a dynamic seating arrangement (it sound more complicated than it actually is) just place a pair of sofas with their backs to each other in the center of the room. Now, you have also created two conversation corners.