Established in 1865, the Department of Architectural Designs is the oldest department of architecture in the US, as well as one of the most top ranked programs in the US.
This is the place where a student can cultivate and nurture his individual creativity in a socially, humanly, and environmentally responsible framework.

The Department provides degree programs in the fields of Architectural Designs, History, Theory and Criticism, Visual Arts and, of course, Building Technology. Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture consists another study opportunity within the department.

The teachers devoted activity, the grounding of architecture in both material and social issues, the impressive internationalism of faculty, teaching and research, and students, and the interdisciplinary nature of the department are notable strengths that cut across the discipline groups.

Preparing the students to use architectural skills and engineering designs to create interior designs, buildings, and landscape plans are the online architectural classes. These classes can usually be found in certificate and degree programs in architecture, industrial design, interior design, urban planning and construction engineering.

The courses in architectural designs can be found both as stand-alone continuing education courses, as well as master’s or bachelor’s degree programs in landscape architecture or just general architecture. Some licensed programs in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) or drafting include courses that also teach the students how to create architectural models and designs while many other courses cover the construction techniques and materials. This type of online classes in architectural design area usually require students to have printers in order to print and download maps, blueprints, schematics, photographs and charts. A scanner and a digital camera may also be needed as well as some specific CAD software programs.

Architectural Design Fundamentals Course is one of the architectural design courses available to online students. This particular class covers the basic theories, the concepts of symmetry, shape, and patterns in the physical world, and ways to translate them onto paper. Students are being thought how to combine aesthetics with design and compare those considerations in accordance with cost, time, and quality.

Another course available online is History of Architecture where students learn history of architecture as an art form, discipline, and a practical need. In the process of doing that, they examine the images of buildings and review building concepts. They study contemporary structures as well as the human architectural history in the prehistoric and ancient times.

The participants in Sustainability in Architecture course examine the responsibilities and the roles of architects, urban planners, and designers to resolve and address energy concerns. They show how to design architectural principles are combined in the best way with technological advances in order to promote effective energy use and reduce pollution.

CAD for Architectural Design course has the role of demonstrating effective and practical methods for using computer-aided design programs to draft plans, blueprints and architectural design for buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures. It presents 2D and 3D object layering, modeling, editing, and auxiliary views and rendering techniques.

Architectural Drafting Course teaches the students the fundamental principles of drafting: from techniques for equipment usage, to symbols, lettering, and vocabulary.