A beautiful room design shows off the charisma of the people who live there but it also functions well and it creates a certain feeling or mood.

The main ingredients that ensure a successful room design are the function and the personality of the room as well as the mood it creates.

Before rearranging, organizing and painting, you should take a little time to think about your family and the way you live. Take a peek inside some magazines to inspire yourself and pull out a room design or some ideas that suit you. Search for stuff inside your house that makes you feel good and examine them thoroughly in order to create an idea about the mood you are looking for in your home. A well planned decorated living space begins just like that.
Decorating is a more complex of a concept than just looking good for the eye. It’s a room design that really fits you.

Occasionally rooms possess some areas or places where the eyes go to right after entering that room. These places are called natural focal points. A built-in bookcase, a fireplace or a bay window with a view could, without a doubt, be natural focal points. If your room does not have a natural focal point you could create one with a colorful area rug or a dynamic piece of art.

Decide whether or not the furniture pleases the functions that you have planned for the room. If an element is too small or too large for the size of the room or it’s just simply not working, get rid of it or, a wiser solution, exchange it for something else around the house that could be more applicable.

The lighting influences the functions of the room but also the visual appeal. Lighting can be provided directly from a lamp or indirectly from the sun, which simply brightens the room for different activities like reading, watching TV and so on. Track lighting, recessed spotlights, and floor spots provide a greater color, texture and room details.

The feeling or the mood of the room is generated by your choice of color, furnishing style, accessories and the pattern you choose. Because there are so many things you need to take into consideration when creating a mood, something that could make the project more interesting and fun could be determining a theme through the selection of an inspiration element.

One of the most simple ways to redecorate is to begin with some source of inspiration. A magazine photo, a decorative pillow or a favorite scarf are some good things to start with. Choose the inspiration piece carefully and make sure that you feel good when looking at it. It constitutes the basis for nominating the colors, patterns, textures, and theme of the house.

Be creative with the house theme by naming all kinds of supporting schemes that you can think off. Black accents, dark woods, greens and floral corns, stripped walls. All of these go very well in this particular situation.