If you want a new kitchen but you don’t have the time or money necessary for a big renovation, then you should forget about the “ideal” kitchen.

Improve the space with some partial remodeling kitchen ideas that are also fast to put in practice. Kelly Morisseau, a certified master interior, bath, and kitchen designer shares in her new book (“Solutions for Partial Kitchen Remodels”) a lot of helpful tips on how to realize a 20% kitchen remodel that would provide huge impact and minimum frustration.

In order to decide what can be accomplished first, and what can be accomplished during the remodeling process, you should take a look at your kitchen and establish is pros and cons. Any homeowner who is looking to make some changes in his/hers kitchen and is also concerned about the budget should take into consideration some key factors like the lifestyle, a future resale, and the time spent home.

Here are some kitchen ideas that could really help you with the remodeling:
The first thing you should do when getting started is to brighten up the lighting. After giving the ceiling and the walls a fresh coat of paint that will kill the dinginess, an even better way of brightening up the kitchen would be new lighting. Proper lighting has the psychological consequence of making the kitchen feel more cheerful, easier to work in, less cavernous, and seem brighter. Something that would make the ambient look more luxurious is switching from small ceiling-mounted lights to brighter and larger fixtures. More brightens to the counters can be added by task lighting, like undercabinet lighting. While a lot of people don’t pay too much attention to this particular idea, if you add it to your kitchen, not only it will make it brighter but you will also find it easier to work in. It is not necessary to pile a lot of wires behind the walls, just use some models that can be plugged into the closest receptacle outlet.

Another one of helpful kitchen ideas is to add some architectural details. Some designers have frequently stated that they can make any house look more impressive and expensive only by adding better looking and quality trim, such as crown molding, window and door casings, and baseboards, and it works for almost every house. If you think you’re a handy “do it yourself-er”, think about these architectural details to customize your kitchen. If you’re not, there is always the solution of hiring a pro, especially if the house is not exactly square, and some expertise is needed in order to make sure that everything lines up.

Emphasizing on one appliance. Contrary to what you might think, emphasizing on one appliance will not put the lesser quality ones in the shade. Some designers seem to think that today’s appliances have a great appearance, regardless of the price range. A very helpful tip would be to try and buy the last year’s models, in order to benefit from the best deal.