The first request of CAPS of Brussels was made on a different context, on a much larger scale, with another two projects in the same street: “Bryun North”, including 200 apartments, and “Bryun East” including 50 apartments and a nursery in front of Bryun West. The city’s target is to build 5000 social apartments, the two projects mentioned being a part of it.
The project engages in constructing 79 apartments, a multipurpose residence hall and 75 parking spots. Another goal is to redefine the designing of the green space behind the project. The expectations of the client’s environmental request were exceeded by the project in the way that the buildings are passive.


The residence setting was defined with the concern of landscape’s view:

It is not allowed to close off the green view from the buildings and it has to create a visual relationship between the buildings and the street to the park, resulting in each apartment having a beautiful view of the green space. To keep the urbanism’s open shape that describes the area around the project where buildings and big green spaces interchange with each other.

The project includes two kinds of private gardens:
– Facing South, to the public square.
– Facing West, to the public park.

Sunlight and Views:
Thanks to the various size of the buildings residence, from two to four stories, the sun exposure is optimized for each apartment. The height of the buildings and the distance between them is directly proportioned.

Sustainable Development:
Due to the ventilation systems with two airflows and the work on the choice of materials and construction details, all the 79 apartments are passive. The project has received the environmental label of “exemplary building” for the year 2009 by the Institute of Brussels for Environmental Management (IBGE).
Hot water production is insured by the solar panels on the rooftop. The roof contains five cisterns that collect the water, the overflow being put away in a drainage ditch to an infiltration pond. There, the water articulates the landscape.

Life Quality:
Each apartment has two orientations and benefits from an optimal amount of natural lighting, an outdoor space and views of the green space. The space between the buildings is filled with private gardens, but also with sharing spaces for the dwellers and public passages to the park made by vegetable gardens, selected trees and a playground.

Facing the residence along the street, additional rooms give a foreground to the buildings being made for storage purposes. These exterior rooms are designed with wood gantries and gabions full of stones and bark. Their materials were chosen in such way that they integrate perfectly with the landscape. The gardens and the parking porches are surrounded by the sheds.
The buildings are made to be a part of the landscape, designed like a stair, and covered with lightsun and terraces. Due to the different sort of spaces, the change between indoor and outdoor is made very smoothly.