There are a lot of people who want to know how to act in order to build their own shipping container homes.

In answering this question, we have asked a multitude of shipping container homeowners to tell us what we actually need to know. We’ve asked them to reveal what’s the one most important thing to know before building the shipping container homes.

There are 3 such answers: the importance of planning and building regulations, finding a contractor with past skill and experience and owning the know-how of buying the right shipping containers.
More than 14 containers were used overall to build Matt Mooney’s huge 3 700 square foot (343,74 square meters in the metric system) home when he decided to take this route. It has an outdoor swimming pool, 3 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms, to name just a few of the house’s elements.

Brenda Kelly. Ever since she was 13 years old she has been dreaming of living in a shipping container home and she has been creating and modeling designs ever since. Now she lives in a single, 20 foot (6 meters) shipping container and because of its small size, it doesn’t need any council consent or building permission.
Arnold Aarssen from Studio ArTe built and designed in 2013 the Nomad Living Guesthouse. It is established in Portugal, Algarve region, and only uses 40 foot (12.2 meters) shipping container that grants over 300 square foot (27.9 square meters) of space to live in.

Larry Wade constructed his shipping container home in the year 2010 and, in total, it costs approximately 35 000 dollars. In order to build his new home, two 40 foot (12.2 meters) shipping containers where used. The house disposes of solar panels on the roof that are operating to assure electric energy and hot water.

Robyn Volker, from New York, desired a tiny country house. She contacted Tim Steele and he constructed for her a spacious, even though small, shipping container home. In order to take advantage of the natural landscape, the house is fabricated into the highland. A pair of 40 foot (12.2 meters) containers are extended 4 foot (1.2 meters) apart to conceive around 800 square foot (74.32 square meters) of open plan living. The pair of containers is braced up by an additional container that is used for depository purposes.

By far one of the most notorious shipping container homes is the Manifesto House. It was designed by James & Mau who used eco-friendly and recycled materials.

Maybe just as glorious as the Manifesto House is “Containers of Hope” designed for the Peralta family by Benjamin Garcia Saxe. The construction of this shipping container home reached the mind-boggling sum of $40 000 US dollars and it grants more than 600 square foot (56 square meters) of space to live in.

Connie Dewitt and Kam Kasravi own “The Dewitt and Kasravi Sea Container Home” which is a remarkable construction. Modulus, who used four high cube shipping containers, built it.