Small and cool house plans

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Now, let’s take a look at some small house plans but that can fit big dreams. These types of plans are ideal for those who want to build an energy-saving, flexible, cost-efficient, in one word, a smart house, that fulfils your entire family’s needs without having to spend a lot of money on the excess square footage. Small houses are more affordable and easier to build, maintain, cool, heat, and clean.

A smaller home should, of course, feel cozy and not cramped and crowded. Ideal for the smaller homes are the open floor plans. Another efficient strategy regarding space-saving is to pass on formal spaces like the separate dining room in favor of an everyday eating cubbyhole which easily opens to the kitchen. Look for a kitchen island or other multi-used facilities because they can be used as breakfast bars, food preparation space, and, for larger meals, serving buffet. If you can afford a bonus space upstairs, that is even better, because it allows for future expansion. Especially in a smaller design, but in any home, a smart placement of decks and porches is the perfect way to add some more living space.

Last but not least, due to the fact that a small house is often more affordable because of inexpensive costs for labor, land, and materials, you could find yourself in a better position to invest in high-quality flooring appliances and windows. Whether you’re building a vacation home or a primary residence, you will be astonished by the way that a small house can fit just right.