The kitchen is usually the hub of a family home, but even a small kitchen design can lead to the room being the perfect place to gather, cook, eat, laugh and do homework or pay bills.
Generally, share special moments with your loved ones. When space is limited, you need a little bit of smart planning in order to create an aesthetically appealing and multifunctional kitchen. Here are some ideas of how to make the most of your space:

If your kitchen is a slender, galley-style space warm it with some sophisticated earth tones and furniture-style molding.

Designer Mick de Giulio constructed for Doug Atherly’s apartment (located in the Ritz-Carlton Showcase in Chicago) a high-shine and luxurious texture kitchen that makes it live largely. It’s split into a dining area and a cooking area by a beautiful center island. The room’s amenities give the space a metropolitan vibe, being dressed in state-of-the-art materials and glossy finishes. The tall windows, besides providing a beautiful focal point, also allow for sweeping views of the city.

If your kitchen is placed in a corner of the house, you can take advantage of its snug parameters and open it up to the adjoining breakfast area. The lighting comes from tall glass doors and windows. Space is grounded by a roomy center island that also provides more counter surface for storage and food preparation. The mood of this small kitchen design is kept light and fresh by a palette of white and powder blue. New painted cupboards with a mixture of open shelves and glass-front doors were added. A modern stainless-steel stove, the dishwasher, and the vent hood go very well with a vintage-looking that also has a bridge-style faucet. Coral accents warm the blue and white color scheme.

Another example of a small kitchen design consists in a crisp black granite countertop against a clean white molding that also add a fresh feeling to the kitchen. The checkerboard tile flooring culminates with the black and white scheme, which adds interest underfoot. Vaughan Designs contemporary light fixtures contribute to the kitchen’s flair.

Calcatta marble countertops and beautiful neutrals offer a kitchen an unquestionably and glamorous edge. The designer Gerald Pomeroy explains that a classic, timeless, but also practical kitchen can mean the driving force that makes a person willing to make changes in the particular room. For maximum storage, the cabinets can even run up to the ceiling. Beautiful, elegant, crown moldings stand out against it. This happens especially when you go dark on the ceiling.

A special feature you can add to the kitchen is a large center island. This way, the kitchen turns into a breakfast room with more seating.
A cozy kitchen reconstruction includes moving a laundry room (in order to make space for a charming breakfast area) to another end of the apartment. Space is visually expanded by checkerboard floors and a graphic black and white color scheme.