Splinter Functions came with the idea to create “Vessel”, an article included in the home decorators field, which is a strong developed but lightweight carbon fiber bath that hangs like a hammock.

Vessel , the home decorators innovation

Built to be used in a room with a drain and tiled floor, without going through the trouble of getting things wet, “Vessel” is being hanged from the walls and doesn’t touch the floor, exactly like a hammock. It is hooked up to the walls with brackets that are made from stainless steel, which can be covered or even left exposed, depending on your home decorators ideas or design style. The hammock look-alike bath is filled with water and needs a standing floor tap. After bathing, the water is discharged into a drain along the base, where it reaches the tilted floor. A system of drains made by downpipes can also be constructed, in case of need, if a wet space environment cannot be afforded or is not available.
The co-founder’s company characterized their product by saying it has some synergistic qualities in terms of the fascinating shapes (the bath and the hammock) that induce a state of calmness. The home decorators were very inspirited to create something that offers the client the feeling of total and pure happiness.
Some activities like peaceful meditating or total relaxing in a hammock are being heightened when combined with the huge luxury of taking a warm soaking bath. The experience of bathing, elevated by a suspended sculpture above the bathroom floor, has been transformed into a completive temple for complete and utter relaxation while keeping its other function as being a bathtub.
The construction of carbon material has been chosen, due to its big power and quality to be designed into complicated shapes but, also, because it is very light. “Vessel” mimics the fabricate of cloth and rope of a common hammock. Underneath the many layers of carbon fiber rests a core layer based on foam, having the role of coverage for the bathtub. The meaning of this is that the bath stays in the correct warming interval that the client may prefer for a significant amount of time, in contrast to the old common style.
When fully extended, the length measures eight foot and ten inches (269,24 centimeters if you are using the metric system).
“Vessel” is much more than just a common bathtub: there is plenty enough space for two people to fit in there if chosen to. It is developed in such way that the client can trim up approximately a foot of length from the hammock bathtub Vessel, granting the most malleable changes that can be made.
The Vessel hammock bathtub regularly comes in the black color, but it can be costumed in the colors yellow, silver, blue, red, pink or even bronze, but these are a few of the options in terms of colors that can be chosen by the clients.