GoodLife Fitness were partners with Square Feet Design Group Inc. and Tigon Construction Management for more than a year, reconstructing the building’s basement, mezzanine and main floor. The company made its number one objective to take great care of the unique decorative features that includes original chandeliers, marble floors, 35 foot ceiling dressed up in rosettes, decorative moldings and 917 ounces of gold leaf.

One of the most extended fitness club chain in Alberta is represented by GoodLife Fitness.

They are currently counting 27 clubs in Alberta, including Fit4Less clubs, and they continue to expand across the province. Their short term gold is to reach 30 clubs in the province. At this moment, in the Calgary area, there are two Fit4Less and 13 GoodLife Fitness centers. GoodLife objective is to grant the Albertans convenient locations and fitness options where they can achieve their goals in terms of health, fitness and wellness.

The GoldLife Fitness center opened on December 2014 owning a complete range of professional fitness experts, modern equipment and fitness classes. Club conveniences include free weights, strength training and cardiovascular equipment, fitness classes, personal training, massage chairs, modern change rooms, saunas and more.

GoodLife Fitness Founder and CEO David Patchell-Evans came with the idea of choosing the vacant former bank building as the perfect location for the company’s main Calgary club center. He saw the location’s potential but also recognized the importance of keeping this crucial part of Calgary’s heritage: a construction illustrating the origins of Calgary’s business center.


About the building

The designer of Bank of Montreal was the architect Kenneth Guscotte Rea. He designed over 120 banks across Canada, the architecture and the designing of Bank of Montreal being made in the style of Beaux-Arts, which means that he included elements that show wealth, stability and dignity. Dressed in Manytoba Tyndall limestone, the construction blusters a front exterior with four fluted columns built in Corinthian styles.

It served as the Bank of Montreal’s local main office.

Electronic and music retailer A&B Sound operated out of the building until 2005.

About the restoration

The mezzanine and the ground level have a height of 30 feet.

The doorway is built of solid brass slabs, polished in order to remove the accumulated tarnish.

The original, designed by the architect, handrails and spindles were protected from any damage during the development;

The original Bank of Montreal clock was repaired and the crest was hand polished and the stone exterior wall designed by the architect in the spinning room has been illustrated with accent lighting;

The original chandeliers are unharmed and viable and the brass exterior doors were replaced with new glass doors but the brass ones have been kept and are visible;

The features of the bank manager’s office were restored, the brass handrails were polished and delicately reestablished and one of the vaults was transformed into a men’s washroom;

A solid marble floor with inlaid borders make the designing of the banking hall’s center;

The floor has been polished and buffed and last but not least,  a very modern granite and glass staircase was built.