The house plans may look attractive in the presentation, it may not be interesting enough to attract clients. A family’s house is much more than just that, it is also a place to call home and it can be seen as an asset in your family’s future. Just like in a stock market investment. A wrong decision in terms of the stock you chose to invest in can cost you a lot of money. The same rule applies in the home design field.


Top house plans features

The foundation for a valuable home is constituted by the house floor plans. When searching and finding on the internet a multitude of plans, or even if working with a designer, one should think about a future selling of the house, thus thinking along those terms.
Here are some of the most wanted house plans designs by the clients:
A large, spacious kitchen with storage room, meaning that the kitchen architecture needs to grant enough cooking and storage place as well as a functional working triangle.
The existence of keeping rooms, most desired in bigger houses with some accessible square footage. This is more relating to a family room, neighbouring the kitchen and the breakfast rooms.
Maybe one of the most desired, along with the kitchen, spaces in the clients view is a sitting area master bedroom. This has to have sufficient room to fit in a king size bed and still have some left. A more amplified such bedroom must have a fireplace sitting room and a place to rest a TV set.
Built to be open in order to have enough natural sunlight, a master bath is just one of the most popular features that you could go for. A master bath includes two water closets, two vanities, a bath for her and a shower for him.
Separate closets are a great idea, especially form the women point of view. Even if a single but huge closet is also a good idea, the much more desirable feature is the separate ones.
A characteristic that works in the two-story home buildings is a bedroom on the main floor. Adding another bed on the main floor is a perfect choice if all the bedrooms are on the second floor. It could serve a whole lot more purposes besides being just a bedroom, like a library or a home office and, of course, a guest room.
The mudroom represents that place where you rest the coats, jackets, umbrellas, where you rest put your keys and so on. A respectable house shouldn’t miss this characteristic.
If the house plan allows it, a bonus room is a must have. It gives the owners the occasion to become creative and personalize the room however they wish.

Many clients have this special desire to own a covered entrance. A big majority of them arrived at this conclusion after living in a house that did not have this characteristic
These home architecture ideas combined with the normal house plans features could bring some serious income when it’s time to resell.