Top modern house design constructions

In this article, we are going to talk about the top modern house design constructions ever built.

Some of them are really popular on the internet, a fact that shows just once again how beautiful they are and, for you, another reason to check them out.

However, some of those modern house design constructions are chosen according to some people personal taste, thus in a subjective manner, so you don’t have to agree with all of them, because, you may have a different opinion about modern houses, of course. But, and you will agree for sure, the houses you are going to see and read about are truly amazing examples of modern architecture.

First of all, the location of a modern house design is one thing that makes such a house so special and different from the others. This criterion often plays an important aspect in the way a house is designed. Houses designed by SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects), for example, are built, almost every time, high above the ocean on a cliff, or down to a rocky beach. This way, the residents are being given the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the ocean when the waves crash into the rocks, or the breathtaking views. Greg Truen, the Project Partner of the Nettleton 198 House by SAOTA, said that their inspiration came from the mountains, from where the dark colors were used on the façade, a fact which allowed the building to subside into the mountain and not be an impertinent construction. The site provides amazing views, both of the sea and the mountains. Always, a huge impact on the house design will be played by nature.

Now, let’s move on further to the house size. People have the common misconception that the house must be huge or expensive in order to be amazing and beautiful. This is, actually, far from being true. In comparison to others, you will notice some pretty small houses on this list. Clients who have style and taste, and their good architects, will create, together, some wonderful house designs, regardless of how big the house would be at the end.

Speaking of which, the next criteria is going to be the architectural style. Another thing strongly related to someone’s personality and character is the style in architecture. You must admit that, when a person shows style, it is obvious to everyone. The owners of those houses and their architects have fascinating style in architecture.

The “wow” factor of the modern house designs. Basically, if we were to sum up all those factors described above, the result we get is the “wow” factor. After you see a modern home and its design, you’re either impressed or not. This can be illustrated as the “wow” factor, and, after all is said and done, this is the essential reason why those houses are on this list. All of them attract a lot of attention and interest, left people impressed, facts which made them perfect for this modern house designs list.