The idea of studio apartments is gaining popularity very fast across the globe.

It is a newer concept, especially since the regular apartments are becoming more and more expensive. Also known as a studio flat, bachelor-style apartment, and efficiency apartment, the studio apartments are small and self-contained. The perfect term for a studio apartment, as a single unit of flat, is efficiency apartment, because it contains all the main rooms found in a regular apartment but without having any walls, barriers, and divisions, a fact which allows the owner to practice his creative ideas.

In the British conception, studio apartments only have one room that provides cooking facilities and has its own attached bathroom. If a residence has a shared bathroom, traditionally it is known as a bedsit. It is very rare that a distinction can be encountered, especially in the larger cities, because of the Act 1989 in regards to housing consequences. This has discouraged the landlords from offering this type of accommodation which once was a widespread one.

A variation, common in the U.S. ( most often in New York City) is the “alcove” or “L-shaped” flat, where the main room spreads off into a little alcove which can be used for dining or sleeping.
The ordinary studio apartment commonly has space for sleeping, a room for cooking, so a kitchen, and a living area. The only room separated by a door is the bathroom, which usually contains a certain number of closets. Unlike a traditional apartment, these units are much more cheap and, of course, carry their own distinct drawbacks and benefits.

In order to separate the other areas from the sleeping space, some studios dispose of a half diving wall. These walls are used with the intention of giving more privacy to the homeowner if guests are expected to arrive. For the apartments that don’t own this feature, folded partitions are added by the homeowners in order to separate various spaces of the studio. Luckily, there are a lot of beautiful and stylish partitions that can fit in every kind of designs and themes out there and, being very attractive, add to the apartment décor.

Studio apartments are known, besides the inexpensive rent or price, to have lower utility bills than the regular apartments. The main reason is because the studio apartments have a smaller, more efficient size. Due to the fact that the entire studio can be illuminated with just one single light positioned in the right location, the electricity payments are lower and, thanks to the smaller size, it also costs less to heat them.

However, one disadvantage that studio apartments have is that they don’t provide too much space. As a result, the owner with a lot of stuff must get very creative in order to successfully store all the items, or have a storage unit in a different location.
A single person or a newlywed couple could benefit a lot from this new studio apartment concept so, if you fit into this categories, don’t be afraid to give it a try.